About Diana Meade

I have trouble with the About Me page.  Writing it is difficult or it may be that I just need to clean my glasses and push some of this junk off my keyboard.

I have discovered that the older I get the less I know and that may be truest when I try to say who I am.  So here are just the facts mam:

  • I like to make stuff.  I like to play with paper and paint and ink and I like technology so I fumble around with digital art. 
  • I am an art supplies fiend.  I take them out and pet them when my cats are too busy napping.  Imagine my dismay when I moved from Houston, home of Texas Art Supply, Jerry's Artarama, and Texas Art Asylum, to a small town where Hobby Lobby and the craft aisle at Wal-mart is all that supports my drug of choice.
  • I am a fierce believer that everyone is creative and that we all have the right to live up to that expression if we choose and if we choose, creativity can make meaning out of the mundane and the magnificent.
  • I have become an age where I care less about what people think of me and intense about the things I do care about like cats, taking naps, and reading a good book.  I also think my husband, Rod Tanner is the very best thing that I ever met in a bar. 
  • My husband and I live with Dorothy, my 81 year old mother who inspires me every day, however, I still don't cook as well as she does and under a microscope my green thumb is dark brown and curled up at the edges.
  • I have three cats that I adore who boss me around more than my mother and leave me pondering the question, is cat hair an acceptable component of mixed media?

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